This Teen Stood Up To Her Grandma Who Berated Her For Taking Her Sister Shopping After She Beat A Disease But She’s Asking The Internet If She Was Rude

A 17-year-old took her 15-year-old sister shopping to celebrate the fact that she beat a disease. Her grandmother ended up berating her for spending money on that, and she stood up to her.

She’s asking the internet if what she said to her grandma was really too rude.

This teen started out by explaining that she lives with her younger sister, her older sister who is 19, and her dad.

When her younger sister was 13, she was diagnosed with some kind of disease. Then last year, their parents got divorced.

After the divorce, her dad had a very hard time supporting all of them financially, and he ended up pretty much working himself to death and picking up tons of overtime hours.

This teen got her own job recently and insisted on helping her dad out with the bills. Eventually, he agreed to take her help but only after he said he would pay her back at some point.

She really thinks her dad bounced back to his old self after they agreed to this.

Several days ago, the family was at a local hospital to check on her younger sister’s disease, and the doctors informed all of them that she had finally beat it for good.

“So I decided that we of course had to celebrate,” she said. “I asked my dad if it was ok for me to spend this month’s salary on going shopping with her, and he said that of course, it was.”

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