This Teen Stood Up To Her Grandma Who Berated Her For Taking Her Sister Shopping After She Beat A Disease But She’s Asking The Internet If She Was Rude

“When I told my sister, she got so excited, especially because we never ever do stuff like this.”

“We had such a good time together and I decided to post a picture of the two of us carrying way too many shopping bags on my IG.”

About an hour after she posted the photo, her dad called her saying she should not pick up the phone if her grandma called because she was being nasty.

“I got a call from her literally seconds after I ended the call with my dad,” she continued.

“Me being me, I decided to pick up despite what my dad said. Curiosity got the best of me, I guess.”

“She had apparently seen my post on IG and started accusing me of being a selfish and spoiled teenager for going shopping instead of helping my dad out with the bills.”

She then blew up on her grandma for her comment, because her grandparents have never once offered to help her dad financially.

“And right before I hung up, I told her “hmm, at least I work for my money, the same thing couldn’t be said about you, ever”. Because she has literally never had a job in her whole life.”

Her grandma got married to her grandpa at a very young age, and she’s spent her whole life at home being a housewife.

“My dad and sisters thought it was hilarious, but I’m starting to wonder if I went too far on that comment.”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

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