This College Girl’s Friend Took Her Coat That Cost Well Over $1k And Lost It So Now She’s Asking The Internet If It’s Wrong To Make Her Replace It

An 18-year-old college girl has an 18-year-old friend who is the same age as she is. Her friend was over one night to study with her, and when the girls were done, her friend asked to borrow her coat.

“Afterward, she was going to a party and was in a tiny dress, so she asked if she could borrow my coat since it’s freezing out,” she explained. “I said sure, she can take the purple one on my bed.”

She didn’t watch her friend grab her coat, and she assumed she borrowed the purple one that she told her to take.

The following day, her friend sent her a text saying apologizing to her for what happened that night. Apparently, her friend lost the coat of hers that she had borrowed while she was at that party.

Here’s the problem though; her friend did not take the purple coat she told her to borrow…she took a black one she had lying on her dorm room bed because her friend thought it would be warmer to wear.

“The coat she lost was a Moncler, and I never would’ve let her take it,” she said. “I told her she could take my purple coat, which is the coat I take to parties since I’m not worried about it getting lost or stolen.”

Understandably, she’s very hurt that her Moncler coat got lost, and the reality is these cost well over $1,000; more like $1,600 to above $2,000.

Her friend went back to where the party was to look for the coat, but it was long gone.

She asked her friend to reimburse her for what her Moncler coat cost and her friend agreed. As soon as she told her friend how much that coat actually cost, her friend started freaking out.

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