This College Girl’s Friend Took Her Coat That Cost Well Over $1k And Lost It So Now She’s Asking The Internet If It’s Wrong To Make Her Replace It

Her friend insisted she did not know how much the coat was worth and she did not have any kind of money like that to pay for it.

“I said that’s not my fault since she shouldn’t have taken it, and she became hysterical when I said I want all the money paid back,” she continued.

She’s now wondering if she’s the worst for asking her friend to pay her back in full for the Moncler coat.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“And this is one of the early lessons she should have been taught as a child – basic responsibility.”

“She lost something that wasn’t hers and that she had no permission to use in the first place – of course, she has to replace it.”


“She stole the coat! She had permission to take the purple coat, not the black one, so she stole it.”


“You gave her permission for the purple coat. It’s her fault so she has to pay you back. People need to learn to ask for permission before taking people’s things, it would avoid situations like this.”

“She should have been better prepared, she caused all her issues. I would hold firm. Get it down in writing that she took your coat without permission.”

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