This Dad Wants The Internet To Tell Him If It’s Wrong To Let His Son Keep The Ashes Of His Twin Who Passed Away

A dad and his wife had three children, an older girl named Jane, and twin boys named Castor and Pollux, but one of their twin boys passed away a few years ago.

“Castor died unexpectedly about 5 years ago and so we chose to have him cremated,” this dad explained.

“His urn was always in a common area of the house. Our daughter, Jane [24] was the first to move out a few years ago, whereas Pollux [almost 21] moved out more recently.”

“When moving out, Pollux asked if he could take his twin’s ashes with him. My wife and I agreed with no hesitation because he was, in the family, the person who was the most impacted by Pollux’s death. Words cannot begin to describe how close they were.”

Pollux was so distraught after Castor’s passing that he didn’t speak a single word for months afterward.

Although it’s been years now since Castor passed away, Pollux has spent every single day meditating for an hour in front of his twin brother’s urn.

“Additionally, the boys always said and promised to each other that they would move out together and be roommates when they grow up so we thought it would only be right to grant him this wish,” this dad said.

So, that’s exactly what he and his wife did; they let Pollux move out and take Castor with him.

They didn’t think this was an issue at all, but Jane did. Initially, she never noticed that Castor’s urn was no longer in their family home.

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