This Mom Doesn’t Like Her 16-Year-Old Daughter And She’s Asking The Internet If It’s Bad To Admit That

A mom has a 16-year-old daughter, and not too long ago, she was having a discussion with a friend of hers when she just came out and admitted that she doesn’t even like her own child.

“Don’t get me wrong I love her with all my heart, but she’s not very likable,” she explained.

“She is quite mean to me, always saying sly comments like if I say I like what I’m wearing she will say it’s ugly. She is very spiteful to her younger siblings and bullies them a lot.”

“She will go nuts and will slam doors, blast music, and throw things if she can’t get her own way. She refuses to eat whatever I buy, even when I buy things she likes, she will say she no longer likes them.”

Her daughter will then ask for money to purchase her own food, and if she says no, her daughter accuses her of trying to force her to not eat since she is fat.

According to this mom, her daughter also will lie to other people in their lives in an effort to get them to feel bad for her.

She has attempted to get her daughter to see a counselor, and she’s also tried to get her medical attention after she’s mentioned she was depressed, but her daughter will not go.

She feels she’s failing her as a mom over her refusal to get any kind of help.

“So I confessed all this to a friend when I had, had a particularly bad day and I said I don’t actually like my daughter,” she said.

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