He Cheated On His Girlfriend Then Dumped Her Because He Fell In Love With The Other Woman, But This Other Woman Doesn’t Want To Be With Him

A 28-year-old man started dating his most recent girlfriend after he got out of a relationship that lasted 4 years.

He jumped back into the casual dating scene and felt bad for hooking up with his latest girlfriend, who he met through work, so he asked her to be in a relationship with him. She agreed.

Initially, he only asked her out because of his guilty conscience, but his love for her ended up growing and everything became very much so real in their relationship.

He stayed with his girlfriend, and their relationship continued for 2 years. After they had a pregnancy scare, he seriously questioned whether or not he wanted to keep dating her.

He felt at that time they were just two different people who happened to hit it off one evening which kept them together, but that was it.

Despite feeling like his girlfriend really wasn’t the one for him or the one he saw himself ultimately marrying, he kept dating her.

He then began working for a new company and wound up meeting a woman at work who seemed to have interests similar to his.

He felt a real spark with this woman, and they grew quite close in just a few months together at the office.

He started falling for this woman, and he revealed his feelings to her. She said she felt that they were more than friends, and so, they started having an affair even though he had a girlfriend and she had a boyfriend.

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