He Wrote A Pretty Mean Comment To One Of His Wife’s Friends Who Was Trying To Get Her Involved In A MLM And He’s Telling The Internet His Wife Thinks He Went Too Far

A 23-year-old man is married to his wife, who is the same age as him. They tied the knot 2 years ago, and they have been with one another since they were back in high school.

Speaking of high school, his wife used to be friends with a woman named Jane. She is still friends with Jane on Facebook, and he happens to be Facebook friends with Jane too since he never deleted people from high school from his friend list.

Although he’s not really that active on Facebook, he is aware that Jane is selling beach body and all she does is post stuff about that.

“I’m going to start this off by saying I hate MLMs,” he explained. “If you have a high school diploma and are worried about going nowhere in life, go to trade school. STOP with the MLMs.”

So Jane is over on Facebook posting extremely cringe-worthy things about beach body, but then she began reaching out to his wife in an effort to get her involved in her MLM.

“The first time she did the stereotypical Facebook message “how you doing girl?? Omg, I miss you so much you’ve been doing so well in life! By the way are you interested in losing weight?” That type of sh*t,” he said.

“My wife told her politely that she’s not interested. She has reached out to her 3 more times since then.”

“She is not taking no for an answer. After my wife expressed her frustration, I commented on her latest beach body-inspired post.”

This was his comment:

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