He Wrote A Pretty Mean Comment To One Of His Wife’s Friends Who Was Trying To Get Her Involved In A MLM And He’s Telling The Internet His Wife Thinks He Went Too Far

“Hey Jane, not sure if you remember me, but I hope you’re doing well. Please do me a favor and leave my wife alone.”

“She is not interested in being a part of your pyramid scheme. By the way, you lose weight from exercise, your magic shakes don’t work. Sincerely- an actual business person.”

He totally did it in a mean-spirited way on purpose, and Jane saw it and quickly deleted the comment.

Jane then unfriended his wife and unfriended him on Facebook. That wasn’t all though; Jane’s husband sent a message to him threatening him to never come to their town.

His wife said she wasn’t upset by the fact that he made a comment in the first place, but she does believe he took it all too far.

He thinks he fixed a big problem because Jane did stop trying to hound his wife to join her MLM.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“100% agree. I don’t take kindly to MLMs in my DMs. The people who work in one know that they get paid based on what other people buy, and they know how the business functions.”

“Just because they are too blind or unwilling to see how predatory they are doesn’t mean everyone else has to be kind to them and excuse it.”


“MLMs are horrible and prey on women who make little money, enticing them by waving money at them, when in reality, they spend more than they earn.”

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