Her Boyfriend Is Not Over His Ex-Fiancée And Last Week Was Supposed To Have Been His Wedding

A woman has been in a relationship with a guy for 5 months, and from the moment she met him, she fell for him hard.

Throughout their relationship, they did break up one time due to some stifled emotions and an issue with both of them communicating with one another.

Two days after the breakup, they fixed things, got back together, and everything was going great with them.

One thing that she has noticed her boyfriend do since day one is that he constantly talks about his ex.

He never talks about his ex in a way to compare her to his ex, but he will frequently bring up things that his ex did that were fun or humorous.

She wasn’t concerned by this at all, though she learned after their breakup that he was engaged to be married last year.

She was aware that her boyfriend had been engaged, but she had no idea that it was so recently.

“Last week was the date they were supposed to be married, and he was open to me that he was stressed and upset by it,” she explained.

“Last night he told me randomly in the middle of the conversation about stressful things with work, “I don’t miss her, it just hurts” and I kinda just said “I know” and tried to comfort him, he looked really really down and just laid there and all I could do was feel bad and try my best to comfort.”

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