Her Boyfriend Read Her Journal Without Asking Her And Found Something That Upset Him

A woman was in a relationship with her boyfriend for two years before they broke up. Ultimately, his problems with addiction caused their relationship to end.

When they did split up, he had made it several months being sober, though she felt too many terrible things had already gone down and she also felt it was like she was weighted down by all that.

Anyway, while they were broken up, she wound up having a one-night stand. A week after she did that, she made up with her boyfriend at they got back together.

“The morning after reconciliation, I left my journal, turned upside down but open, on my desk and he read it and found out,” she explained.

“He was rightfully angry and keeps holding it over my head, but I’m pretty upset that he would pick up my journal and read it.”

“He’s angry that I didn’t tell him first, but I didn’t think we would get back together and I hadn’t really figured out how to tell him.”

They had only been back together for a few hours before they called it a night and headed to bed. The very next morning, her boyfriend went through her private journal while she was in the bathroom.

The thing is, she made it clear from the start with him that if he ever went through her journal that she would end things with him then and there.

Somehow, she chose to “let him off the hook” and since then, he has basically been treating her like she cheated on him even though they were broken up for more than a month when she slept with the other guy.

Gabi Moisa –

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