Her Boyfriend Read Her Journal Without Asking Her And Found Something That Upset Him

She also mentioned that she genuinely believed there was no chance of getting back together with her boyfriend when she went through with her one-night stand.

The guy she slept with ended up being so bad in bed that’s basically why she was happy to reunite with her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend is now acting clingy, insecure, moody, and angry. She offered to answer any questions that he might have for her about the one-night stand, but he said no and continues to hold it all against her.

She feels betrayed that he went through her private journal and she feels upset that he’s punishing her, even though she didn’t do anything wrong because she was single.

She isn’t sure how to move forward here, but she’s thinking that it may have been an enormous error getting back with her boyfriend.

How would you feel in this situation?

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