Her Family Hates Her Boyfriend Because Of His Tattoos And She’s Telling The Internet She Insisted He Had To Cover Them Up If He Wanted Respect From Her Family

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“You say you coached him on what to do, say, what to show ie his tattoos…. at what point were you going to show your parents your boyfriend and not this puppet you set up for their approval?”

“I get that it’s a lot of pressure to deal with from your family to ‘keep up standards’ but you’ve acted like you agree with those same standards wholeheartedly.”

“Why not warn your parents ahead of time that he is tattooed so your poor bf didn’t have to feel like he was being hidden away like so much cat vomit?”

“By telling him he has to appear acceptable to them you’re essentially telling everyone that you’re ashamed of him.”

“What was stopping you from telling your family about his tattoos earlier? Also, what was the plan for the future? Tattoos would have been seen sooner or later, as would his true personality.”


“…If you have to tell your BF to hide who he is, you’ve got no business being together.”

“You dragged your BF in front of your parents knowing the type of severely uncomfortable situation he’d be put in.”

“You made him swallow his pride to parade around like a monkey. After all that you had the audacity to take your parents’ side and make THEM and YOURSELF feel more comfortable instead of even bothering to consider his feelings in any of this.”

“You knew your parents wouldn’t approve so why bother even introducing him even if you’re hiding him. He’s right….that’s beyond f****** up.”

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