Her Husband Gifted Her Money, Then Accused Her Of Ruining Christmas For Him Because She Didn’t Spend All Of The Money On A Gift For Him And She’s Asking The Internet If She Should Apologize

A 29-year-old woman is married to her 33-year-old husband. Her husband is the one who makes all of the money in their household, and she’s a stay-at-home mom.

She used to have a job too, but after suffering from some medical issues, she had to give up working.

“As a result, I don’t have what they call fun money or money to spend however I want,” she explained.

“My husband gives me money only to spend on the house or the kids but that’s that. I might borrow money here and there or try to figure something out if I needed essential stuff like hygiene products.”

“This Christmas my husband gave me $600 dollars as my Christmas gift. I freaked out thinking I now have to get him a decent gift to match his.”

“So I went shopping and got him the most affordable thing on his wish-list which was a $180 dollar pair of sneakers with his favorite color.”

She didn’t give her husband the Christmas present she thoughtfully picked out for him until they went to his mom and dad’s house on Christmas Day.

As everyone was opening up their presents, she gave her gift to her husband, and when he opened it, he looked furious.

She asked her husband what was wrong, and he told her that he couldn’t believe she wasted her money on the cheapest thing he had on his Christmas list.

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