He’s Almost Done Divorcing His Wife And He’s Telling The Internet That When She Complained About Being A Single Mom He Reminded Her That’s What She Signed On For

“After the baby was born I tried to see if I’d feel anything for him or maybe I could get into fatherhood after all.”

“Honestly it’s just not where I wanted to be, her and I decided we were on two very different paths with no reconciliation possible.”

“He’s almost gonna be 4 months old and I just recently moved out while we proceed with the divorce.”

His almost ex-wife has been raising the baby entirely on her own, and her sister does occasionally help out, but he’s not in the picture in any way, shape, or form.

The court is currently handling child support that he’s required to pay, but aside from that, he’s never going to be a part of his child’s life.

His divorce is almost finalized and he recently stopped by the house he shared with his almost ex-wife to get the rest of his belongings.

It took him a few hours to pack everything into his truck, and while he was doing that, his almost ex-wife took the opportunity to complain to him about how difficult it is on her.

She even mentioned it would be so much easier if he would be involved with their child and help, but he never agreed to do that, and he made that so crystal clear.

“Like did she not understand why we’re divorcing at all? The whole point of it was because she wanted to be a mom and I didn’t want to be a dad, which means no involvement,” he said.

“And that’s when I told her that line along with reminding her she knew I never wanted to have kids and we talked about different options from the very beginning.”

After he piped up about that, she stopped speaking to him, and then her sister chewed him out.

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