He’s Been Thinking Of Breaking Up With His Girlfriend But She Just Got Diagnosed With Cancer And Now He’s Hesitating

A 20-year-old man has been dating his 19-year-old girlfriend for about 9 months, and they originally met on Hinge.

Throughout their relationship, his girlfriend’s family has brought up things like them moving in with one another, getting married, having kids; he’s not ready though, and to be honest, he doesn’t think he wants to have a future with his girlfriend.

He was toying with the idea of ending things, but he wasn’t sure if that’s really what he wanted to do or if that would end up being the best thing.

Not that long ago, his girlfriend was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer, and he’s not sure what to do now.

“We are very close, I sleepover at hers almost 2-3 times a week and she loves me more than anyone has, although I haven’t had many other relationships to compare to,” he explained.

“The form of cancer she has is aggressive and she will need to get her entire thyroid 100% removed to lower chances of reoccurrence.”

“She has enough to deal with and I really don’t want to put any more emotional strain on her. I also want to be here for her I just don’t want her to be devastated if I can’t or don’t want to be with her forever.”

“We are both young and this being my first relationship I have learned a lot from her.”

He’s at a loss regarding what to do from here on out. He isn’t sure if he is just scared of committing or what the real issue is here with why he isn’t sure if he should continue to date his girlfriend.

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