He’s Currently Spending A Whole Week With His Girlfriend’s Parents For Christmas Even Though He’s Planning On Breaking Up With Her After The Holidays

Another thing weighing him down is that he likes his girlfriend’s family and he’s been close to her siblings even before they began dating.

“So I can’t just dump her and peace… not that I’d want to,” he said. “We have a vacation planned coming up, and then a wedding.”

“It just never seems like a good time. Normally I wouldn’t drag things out but due to my closeness with her family and the fact she has never done anything to deserve any bad treatment or anything makes me want to make sure the breakup is as smooth as possible.”

Over the past few days, his girlfriend has said she loves him, she can’t live her life without him in it, and he means everything to her.

He has no idea how to reply because if he says anything in return that validates her feelings, he’s worried it’s just a lie.

“And the last couple of days feel like almost emotional manipulation,” he continued. “Like you can’t live without me?”

“Now I’m worried that if I do break up with her she will hurt herself or something. I shouldn’t have ever gotten in this relationship. I feel trapped.”

He’s planning on breaking up with her after the holidays since he is spending a whole week with his girlfriend’s parents, but he’s not really sure what to do.

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