His Girlfriend Accused Him Of Being Selfish For Not Wanting To Buy Her A Six Figure Car And He’s Asking The Internet If There’s Anything Wrong With This

A 24-year-old man is dating a woman 2 years older than him, and he works in a career where he makes nearly six figures every year after paying taxes.

On the side, he also has invested some money into cryptocurrency and stocks, so he’s doing quite well for himself.

When he was younger, he always promised himself that when he did well for himself he would purchase his dream car; a 2019 Nissan GT-R.

He was able to achieve that dream of his and now that’s the car that he drives.

As for his girlfriend, she currently drives a 2018 BMW M3 that he generously bought for her.

“The other day she suggested I should order her a new Tesla for Christmas,” he explained. “The one she wanted before I put work into my car was more than my car had cost.”

“Of course I’m not saying I don’t or won’t spend money on her but she drives a very nice car that I paid for (she pays the insurance and for the maintenance and upkeep) that is still a luxury car that drives well.”

“I argued with her that I wasn’t going to drop 6 figures on a car when I’m looking at buying us a house.”

“Yes even though we’re under the “dating” title we have extremely strong love for each other…she has my name tatted on her (not my idea) and while I love her and am always buying her what I think she’d like or told me she liked as gifts I just really think it’s financially irresponsible to buy a new car for no reason.”

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