His Girlfriend Gained 50 Pounds In The Last Few Months And He’s Losing His Attraction To Her

A  24-year-old man has been dating his 25-year-old girlfriend for 3 years, and they moved in together 5 months ago.

In the month before they moved in together, his girlfriend began putting on some weight, and now she’s gained around 50 pounds in 6 months.

“She has trouble with binge eating and stress,” he explained about his girlfriend. “She complains all the time about her weight and feeling “fat.”

“I try to help her by cooking healthier meals and not buying any junk food but she over eats lunches and dinners.”

“She’ll eat two or more servings rather than just one and then snacks after dinner. She also goes out to lunch at work and gets fast food.”

He’s made an effort to create goals for them to achieve together that include eating healthy and working out with one another, but it never helps his girlfriend for very long.

His girlfriend has even tried to count her calories, but she falls off after only a couple of days of doing it.

“I don’t know what to do at this point,” he said. “I love her but physically and sexually I am not as attracted to her anymore.”

They’re not longer as intimate as they used to be. He’s tried to get her into therapy since he thinks she also is depressed, but his girlfriend won’t go.

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