One Of His Best Friends Loves Serial Killers And Is Starting To Say Things To Him That Make Him Concerned That He Might Harm Him Or Somebody Else

A teen boy has a best friend that is an 18-year-old boy, and he’s been close to his friend for nearly 5 years now.

They tell one another everything, and they are extremely close. Lately, his best friend is starting to say and also do some things that are really concerning to him.

His best friend is basically obsessed with saying things that indicate he’s going to hurt someone or do something incredibly morbid.

“For example, one time he was talking about the problems with his mother’s boyfriend and he said something along the lines of “I want to slice his throat open and watch his blood flow,” he explained.

“Now clearly this is something you would generally take as a sign to stay away from someone, but me and him are so close and have always been the joking kind.”

His best friend says these things in somewhat of a joking kind of tone, but since his friend is beginning to say these things more and more frequently…

…He’s not so sure it’s just a joke and he’s also getting really uncomfortable about it all.

“He also loves movies and glorifies sociopath killers like Anton Chigurh and Patrick Bateman,” he said.

“He also loves serial killers and learning about their lives. Considering all these things I’ve heard and seen it is obvious he is problematic but with everything we have been together and how close we are it is more complicated than just this.”

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