She Almost Lost Her Beloved Dog In Her Divorce And Now She’s Fighting To Not Lose Him To Cancer

Denver, Colorado. In Boston, Bear is a recognizable figure in his neighborhood. This friendly boy loved charming his neighbors, taking the ferry with Lauren to work, and running errands.

In her GoFundMe post, his owner Lauren shared, “People in the North End knew me because of Bear. It was like being the bodyguard for an A-list celebrity.”

Bear and Lauren have been together for 11 years now and just moved to Denver, Colorado, for their next grand adventure.

But, six weeks ago, Lauren received devastating news; Bear has cancer, stage 4 T-cell lymphoma.

Despite his serious diagnosis, Bear did not display symptoms and could still take 3-mile walks, eat regularly, and remain in good spirits.

Since he appeared healthy and was not showing side effects of terminal illness, his vet recommended chemotherapy treatment. Lauren decided that she would do anything and everything to help her best friend.

Lauren and Bear have struggled together before. When she was undergoing a divorce, Bear became a subject of discussion.

Lawyers argued in court over who would part from the marriage with Bear, even suggesting a coin toss to decide who would keep him. Lauren had to speak up and ask what price she could pay to keep Bear.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Bear

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