She Didn’t Invite Her Sister To Her Wedding Because She Doesn’t Want To Have To Deal With Her On What’s Supposed To Be One Of The Most Special Days Of Her Life

A young woman and her sister were both adopted by their parents when they were extremely young.

Her big sister was adopted as a baby and she was adopted when she was 11-month-old. Their parents did tell them that they had been adopted, and tried to be as honest as they could with them about why they were adopted.

As soon as her sister turned 16, she set out to find her birth parents and incorporate them into their existing family.

Her sister then tried to pressure her into doing the same thing, but she didn’t have any interest in finding her biological parents at all.

Her sister accused her of being selfish and wrong for not wanting to find her biological family.

“It actually didn’t get better as we both grew into adults,” she explained. “Once she met her birth family she was even more hellbent on me finding mine.”

“She attempted to find them herself and tried to get an Ancestry thing going without telling me (one Christmas she was being weird about me cleaning up when I finished drinking, etc, and where my hairbrush was that I confronted her and she admitted what she was up to).”

“She even reached out to the social worker over my case on my behalf.”

She was furious at her sister for continuing to push her into finding her biological family, and in turn, her sister was furious with her for not agreeing to it.

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