She Told Her Sister She’s The Reason She Will Never Adopt Kids And She’s Asking The Internet If Maybe She Shouldn’t Have Said That

A 30-year-old woman has biological siblings, ages 37, 36, and 33, and a 31-year-old adopted sister named Becky.

Becky’s biological mom happens to be her mom’s cousin.

“The story of Becky getting adopted by my parents was basically her bio parents were addicts that just came one day out of the blue for a visit then abandoned her at my house (she was 5 weeks old),” she explained.

“For a few weeks they tried to get my cousin’s family to take her but those a******* didn’t want the shame of a baby with medical issues that was born out of wedlock. My parents fell in love with Becky and the rest was history.”

“Thankfully all Becky really needed was love and a good home, she beat a lot of odds and leads a healthy successful life.”

Her parents never kept it a secret that Becky was adopted. Becky also is biracial, so her parents had all of them learn about Becky’s heritage when they were little.

Honestly, she feels that their lives were perfect with Becky in it…until Becky’s biological parents contacted her when she was 22, saying they were no longer on drugs and had a desire to get to know her.

“In the space of a few months, she became a different person it was like she hated us for taking her away from her bio parents, as soon as she finished college and got the $20,000 check my parents gifted her (it’s a start-up we all got),” she said.

Becky stopped contacting all of them and even mailed a letter to their mom and dad saying she never wanted to hear from them again.

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