She Donated Part Of Her Christmas Bonus To A Local Animal Shelter And She’s Telling The Internet A Guy She Knows Got Mad She Didn’t Donate To His Friend’s Kid Who Has Cancer

A 23-year-old woman recently received her Christmas bonus at work, and it totaled a few thousand dollars.

This past year has been really hard on her, and something that has made her feel so much better is that she volunteers at one of the local animal shelters near her.

The other people who volunteer have turned into wonderful friends to her and she also ended up adopting her bunny from the shelter, whom she adores.

“I’ve been thinking for a while about donating to them because they can’t always afford the things that they want and every little bit helps, so when I got my bonus I went to their website to donate, but the only way I could find was to donate through Facebook,” she explained.

“I ended up deciding to donate $500 to them through Facebook.”

Well, when she made the donation, it showed up on her Facebook feed somehow and prompted her friends to donate to the shelter too.

She then got a message from a friend of hers; a 25-year-old guy that she had gone to high school with. His message included a link to a GoFundMe page for his friend, who has a child with cancer.

While she felt awful to hear about this, she only intended to spend $500 of her Christmas bonus on donations, and she had already done that.

“I told him this and I said that I was sorry that I couldn’t help, but I didn’t even know about the GoFundMe,” she said.

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