She Donated Part Of Her Christmas Bonus To A Local Animal Shelter And She’s Telling The Internet A Guy She Knows Got Mad She Didn’t Donate To His Friend’s Kid Who Has Cancer

“I feel for the sick kid, but it’s your choice how you distribute your charitable contributions.”

“I’d block the former classmate on social media over his comments. He doesn’t get to decide what is important to you.”


“This sounds a little harsh, but you don’t owe anything to a child whose parents you’re not close with. And you are free to spend your money however you’d like to.”

“Thanks for helping animals in need! And scritch your rabbit for me. Pet rabbits are awesome.”


“The person that reached out to you should have left it at sharing the link, period. Very crass and rude to lay guilt and judge your financial situation.”

“Especially if its a ‘friend of a friend’. It is a terrible situation for the child, and as you said, had you known before maybe you would have considered splitting the amount.”

“Not that you should feel you have to do anything, but also, not all donations need to be large–small ones add up too, maybe donating some small amount would ease your feelings a bit.”

“This is why I always look for the buttons when donating that ask about do you want it to be public, etc. and adjust the settings to my comfort level. For the life of me can’t understand why everyone makes their venmo transfers public.”


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