She Donated Part Of Her Christmas Bonus To A Local Animal Shelter And She’s Telling The Internet A Guy She Knows Got Mad She Didn’t Donate To His Friend’s Kid Who Has Cancer

“The fact that some random person from high school can trigger this guilty response in you is really unhealthy.”

“You should be feeling great about helping the animals but now you’re feeling weird that you didn’t hand cash directly to strangers. That’s sad. Feel good.”


“It’s an unfortunate situation but you don’t owe anyone money just because you got a bonus. Sounds like this person took advantage of thinking you have money to blow.”

“And to dictate how much you should contribute? That’s insane.”

“I’d ask him to donate an extra $500 to that GFM on your behalf and see how much he enjoys that.”

“You barely know this person and don’t even know the family that is in the situation and this was totally out of line for him to demand anything.”


You can read the rest of what the internet had to say here.

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