She Invited Her Brother’s Former Fling To Thanksgiving And She’s Telling The Internet Her Brother’s Girlfriend Got Offended

A woman had Thanksgiving at her house for the very first time last week, and since it’s her house, she figured she was allowed to invite anyone she wanted there.

One person that she invited that caused a stir though is a woman named Anya who used to be her brother’s former fling.

Although Anya never ended up officially dating her brother, the two of them hooked up multiple times.

She absolutely loves Anya though and maintained hope that Anya and her brother would wind up in a relationship.

That didn’t happen, but she stayed in contact with Anya and would meet up with her to grab a coffee or chat with her over the phone.

“We had an inside joke about how she’d be my future sister-in-law because I’ll make sure to set her up with my brother,” she explained.

Her brother went on to date a woman named Sarah, and now they’ve been together for 3 years.

2 years ago, her brother completely stopped talking to Anya because he thought she had been disrespectful to his girlfriend Sarah too many times and was starting to get possessive over him.

“Once he told me that Anya told Sarah how “I’m the future wife of your boyfriend”. My brother apparently was offended by Anyas behavior and cut her off,” she said.

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