She Uninvited A Few Family Members From Her Wedding To Make Her Maid Of Honor’s Mother More Comfortable

Choosing who you invite to your wedding can become a very sticky situation. This woman actually uninvited some of her family members after the fact in order to make her maid of honor’s mother feel more comfortable.

“It sounds bad, I know, but I’ll elaborate,” the woman said, “This is about my mom’s sister (my aunt) and her two daughters, versus my maid of honor and her mom.”

A few years ago, the maid of honor’s grandmother passed away. The woman, her aunt, and cousins all attended the funeral, then visited their house afterward.

“A bit after we left their home, my maid of honor’s mom found out that several of her deceased mother’s belongings were stolen. The only person who went to that part of the house that day was my cousin,” the woman explained.

The stolen belongings included expensive jewelry and clothing. Beyond just the price tag, they moreover held emotional value.

After a “full investigation,” it was determined that the woman’s cousin was guilty.

Despite all the drama, her maid of honor’s mother decided to drop the charges as long as the belongings were returned.

“Since that happened, my aunt and my cousins have constantly treated my maid of honor’s mom horribly,” the woman said.

It became so terrible that the mother would have panic attacks any time she was in the family’s presence.

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