She Was A Bridesmaid In Her Sister’s Wedding But After Her Sister Tried To Force Her To Change Her Appearance For Fear Of Taking Attention Away, She Quit

It always amazes me that some brides will ask certain people to be involved in their bridal party, then turn around and demand they start making changes to their appearance before the big day.

One young woman found herself in this exact situation after she got asked by her sister, the bride-to-be, to be a bridesmaid.

She said yes, and her sister selected bridesmaid dresses that are pink and light orange. She’s not crazy about the color, but she paid $150 for the dress and is going along with that for her sister even though she thinks that enough is a sacrifice because she will never wear this dress again.

“I have some visible hand and arm tattoos, I have a back tattoo (which will be visible because the dress is backless) and my hair is brown with some pink highlights,” she explained.

“My sister demands that I dye my hair brown and get rid of the pink highlights.”

“She also demands I cover my tattoos with body makeup because she wouldn’t like having me with pink hair and tattoos in the wedding pictures and that bridesmaids are supposed to look classy and if I have pink hair and tattoos visible people will focus more on my “crazy style” than the bride and the groom.”

She refused to change her appearance like her sister demanded, and her sister couldn’t believe she was saying no.

Her sister insisted she could just dye her hair back after the wedding, and couldn’t understand why she wasn’t willing to give in to her demands.

She reminded her sister that she knew about her tattoos, and she knew about her hair color prior to asking her to be part of the wedding.

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