She Was Just Charged With A DUI For Drinking And Driving: Now Her Boyfriend Is Refusing To Speak To Her And She Thinks Their Relationship Is Over

A 26-year-old woman is in a relationship with her 29-year-old boyfriend and they have been together for 2 and a half years.

Recently, she made an atrocious decision; she had way too much to drink and tried to drive herself home anyway.

Thankfully, she wasn’t driving for very long when the cops pulled her car over and arrested her. She has since been charged with a DUI and is awaiting her day in court for it.

She tried to blame her drinking and driving on a tough week at work (she’s a nurse and so is her boyfriend).

Honestly, we all know there’s absolutely no excuse for putting other people on the road at risk in the way that she did. If you feel like drowning your sorrows or stresses in alcohol, stay at home and do it.

While her whole family is disappointed with her for earning a DUI, her boyfriend is the most upset out of everyone in her life.

“There’s a video that someone posted of me, in my scrubs, being cuffed,” she explained.

“Because it’s not identifying enough for people to determine who my employer is, I am not being fired but asked to complete therapy sessions.”

“My BF got me out of the station. We were both in scrubs. The cops took pity on both of us. He was furious. Word spread like wildfire and colleagues asked about my arrest.”

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