She’s Tired Of Her Brother-In-Law Being A Serial Dater And She’s Telling The Internet She Recently Refused To Meet His New Girlfriend Because There’s No Way This Will Last

A woman has a brother-in-law who is completely a serial dater, and he always ends up hooking up with a woman and immediately moving forward with a serious relationship.

He has several children with all different moms, and while she does think he’s a good dad, she also finds it to be very irresponsible of him to keep doing this.

“He introduces his kids to these women and also brings them to family functions so my kids often see him with different women,” she explained.

“I’ve been married to his brother for the last 10 years and can honestly say he’s had a well over 30 of these “once in a lifetime” love stories.”

“We spend a lot of time together so it’s not unusual for him to hang out at our house on the weekends with friends and other family.”

Last week at Thanksgiving, which was at her house, she could hear her brother-in-law on the phone, and he was basically inviting that person on the other end over without even asking her.

She wasn’t bothered by this though, and she asked her brother-in-law who he invited to come over.

He replied that it was one of his friends that he would like for everyone to meet.

“I was already know how this story goes, and I wasn’t up for more company, especially on a holiday, so I told him to uninvite her,” she said.

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