This Bridesmaid Overheard The Bride Calling Her Fat, So She Lost A Ton Of Weight Before The Wedding To Spite Her And The Bride Felt Upstaged

A 30-year-old woman recently was part of her 30-year-old friend Kate’s wedding. She and Kate met each other back in grad school, and it’s been nearly two years since they have been able to spend time together.

Despite that, they FaceTimed and kept in touch, and then Kate asked her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding.

She suspected that the real reason Kate wanted her to be part of the wedding is that Kate’s 30-year-old fiancé Kyle wanted to have eight groomsmen, and Kate didn’t have enough bridesmaids to match that.

“About six months before the wedding the bridesmaids were all talking in a group chat on Discord, and I overheard Kate (who must have thought she was on mute or that her voice wouldn’t carry) rather snidely turn to Kyle and say that I would “round out” the group because I would be a good “counterweight” to her fiance’s friend Tim, the idea being that Tim and I were both obese,” she explained.

“When she moved back toward the mic and said something about not being on mute, I acted like I couldn’t hear anything, and said something like “Yeah, you were really far away, you sounded like you were underwater, I couldn’t hear you.”

What a horribly cruel thing for Kate to have said, especially in front of the other women in the bridal party.

“I had been planning on losing weight anyway, but I lost thirty-five pounds of fat in six months and put on four pounds of muscle largely out of spite,” she said.

When she made up her mind to lose the weight for the wedding, she made sure to get her bridesmaid dress in a size smaller than she was at the time, then she got it tailored further to fit her.

Nobody had any idea she lost that kind of weight leading up to the wedding.

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