This College Girl’s Friend Stole Her Stuffed Animals From Her Dorm Room Then Donated Them And She’s Asking The Internet If It Was Then Wrong To Refuse To Pay For Dinner Over It

An 18-year-old girl currently goes to college and lives in the dorms. One of her male friends, who is also 18, recently came over to her room and noticed the stuffed animals she has on her bed.

Her friends asked her who the stuffed animals belonged to, and she said that they were hers.

Shocked, her friend then accused her of being too old to have stuffed animals, especially since they’re in college.

Her friend then said that it’s sad and cringy for her to own them and that she shouldn’t have them at all because she’s an adult.

She told him it wasn’t his business and that she couldn’t be held responsible for the fact that his mom and dad didn’t get him stuffed animals.

“So, it’s generally the norm for most people to have the door to their suite propped open almost 24/7,” she explained.

“Some people close it in the middle of the night, and some don’t. I came back to the suite later and my roommate told me my friend had come in and taken all my stuffed animals off my bed “since I had asked him to.”

She immediately called up her friend and demanded that he tell her where her stuffed animals went.

“He said he donated them to shelter right off-campus because they’re “for little girls, not adults” and kids should have them,” she said.

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