This Dad Kicked His Pregnant Teen Daughter Out Of The House For Wanting To Keep Her Baby And He’s Asking The Internet If It’s Wrong Of Him To Do

A 41-year-old dad has a daughter who is 19. Not that long ago, his daughter fessed up to him and his wife that she’s pregnant.

His daughter has been hiding this secret from him and his wife for 3 long months, and he says that his daughter’s baby daddy/boyfriend is pretty much trash.

“The Boyfriend is a scumbag who I thought she left after I gave her an ultimatum to either leave him or leave my house, to which she chose the latter, or at least I thought she did,” this dad explained.

“She started sobbing and telling us how sorry she was and that it was just a big mistake. I told her the only way she can stay in our house is if she gave the baby up for adoption because we won’t allow it to ruin her life.”

“She just kept pleading to us that she’ll take care of it, but I had a very hard time believing her after I just found out she’s been lying to me for months and going behind my back to see her boyfriend.”

His daughter said she would not adopt her baby, so he kicked her out of the house.

He knows his daughter is currently staying with one of her friends, but he’s not sure how long she will be staying there.

Ever since he kicked his daughter out, his wife has been very upset and has insisted that kicking their daughter out was very wrong of him.

This dad really struggled with what to do and how to handle this situation, and he thought kicking his daughter out really was best.

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