This Teen Dumped More Than 100 Dead Cockroaches On Her Mom And Dad’s Bed And She’s Telling The Internet They Grounded Her

A 16-year-old girl lives with her mom and dad in a large house located within a gated community.

She began having symptoms of asthma about a few years ago, but it would only hit her while she was trying to go to sleep in her room.

She would be lying in bed, struggling to breathe. Her parents took her to tons of specialists, and she began taking different kinds of allergy medications.

The specialists simply said she had some kind of an allergy, but they weren’t sure what was causing her symptoms.

As she started having these issues with allergies, she noticed there were cockroaches in her bedroom.

She would kill them and throw them in the garbage in an effort to rid her room of them. Then, the vents in her room smelled “musty” to her and more cockroaches started showing up.

She did bring this all up to her mom and dad, but they don’t think there’s a problem with cockroaches in her room at all, even though she’s been seeing at least 15-20 of these things crawling around her room.

Her parents accused her of “being dramatic”, but what really concerns her is that she did a bit of research and learned that cockroaches can bring on respiratory issues.

She hates living with the cockroaches, and she can even feel them on her as she’s sleeping.

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