This Teen Dumped More Than 100 Dead Cockroaches On Her Mom And Dad’s Bed And She’s Telling The Internet They Grounded Her

“I started taking a photo of every one I killed and sending the picture to my parents,” she explained. “So again, 15-20 pictures a day.”

“They got pissed I’m bothering them at work and that I’m sending a photo of the same dead cockroach over and over.”

“Like literally they were going to ground me over winter break if kept doing it. So instead over this past week, I’ve been keeping the dead ones in a bag marked with the date and then the number of cockroach it was.”

“There were 118 of them over 7 days. I dumped all the little bags on my parents’ bed (so the actual dead cockroaches didn’t touch their bed, just the bags).”

“My parents are LIVID. They’re arguing about what to do about me as I can hear them and in the meantime, I’ve been sent to my room.”

“I just really don’t know how to get across how uncomfortable I am constantly. These things are ALIVE when they’re in my bed.”

She was really lost as to how else she would be able to get her point across to her parents, and she thought that maybe she should have just presented them with the bags instead of dumping them on her mom and dad’s bed.

Her parents essentially grounded her by preventing her from hanging out with her friends over winter break.

On top of that, they gave her more chores for dumping the dead cockroaches on their bed. Her parents also said that they’re upset with her for “overreacting.”

A bit after the fallout, her parents decided to sit down and talk things out with her more. They came up with some solutions for getting rid of the cockroaches, like moving a compost pile in their backyard, but they still won’t call an exterminator.

Her dad is paranoid about allowing people in their house, so that’s the reason why they won’t get an exterminator.

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