This Teen Model Was Booked For A Risqué Photo Shoot And After She Refused To Do A Few Things She’s Asking The Internet If It Was Unprofessional Of Her

“Hi. Been an alt model for several years starting at 20. A good professional photographer would never put you in a scenario like this without explicitly explaining what would be happening.”

“You’re young. Do not let ANYONE try to bully you into doing things that make you uncomfortable.”

“There are other agencies and you can even be a freelance model. There are groups all over FB that can help.”


“Pro photog here jumping in to reply. Please blast them on the appropriate channels and review sites, blogs and tell your agencies.”

“Then reach out to photo blogs like fstoppers and petapixel to tell your story. You might as well turn this into a promotion for you and the cause.”

“What he did is a breach of trust, shoots like that should be in the brief to the agency so the agency knows who to contact.”

“He tried to be cheap(not saying you’re cheap, but not paying the prices a shoot like that should cost), and he was pushy and inappropriate.”


“If your agency doesn’t immediately back you 100%, they are not a good or safe agency to stay with.”


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