This TikToker Shared The Craziest Family Story That You May Ever Hear: Involving Two Faked Deaths And Three Families

Emily Glankler, a history teacher and owner of the TikTok account @Antisocialstudies, went viral for sharing her bizarre family history story.

She even captioned the video, “The craziest Ancestry story you will hear today (it involved world wars and FAKE DEATHS!.”

She talked about her great grandfather, who she and her family knew as Alfred Jean Cippele.

“My dad doesn’t remember a lot about him. He died when he was pretty young,” Emily said.

“But, he does remember that he was very quiet and spoke in a strange accent that sounded vaguely Eastern European, which is weird because they always told us that his last name, my maiden name, was French or French Canadian.”

Emily then explained the “first part of the mystery,”– which began about twenty years ago when her father met another family with the last name Cippele.

This encounter already set off warning bells since the family had never met anyone with the same last name before.

Well, Emily’s father went out to lunch with the man– who was about a generation younger than him– and they got to know each other.

TikTok; pictured above is Emily Glankler in her video

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