A Guy Is Going To Be Her Maid Of Honor But Her Fiancé Doesn’t Agree With This

This woman was supposed to get married in March 2020 but had to postpone her wedding until this summer because of Covid.

Of course, so much has changed in the world over the past few years, but the people around her have also gone through their own transformations.

Most notably, her best friend and chosen maid of honor, Hendrick, realized that he was a man and began transitioning.

She clarifies that Hendrick has always been a man and is now just comfortable with his true gender expression.

The bride doesn’t see any issue with having Hendrick as her maid of honor, and Hendrick also doesn’t feel that this invalidates his identity.

So, what’s the problem? Well, the bride’s fianceé is worried that having a man as her maid of honor will confuse guests.

He said to his bride, “people won’t know he’s trans just by looking at him and will be confused as to why he’s my MOH.”

He also told her, “a guy shouldn’t be my MOH anyway.”

So he clearly has discomfort surrounding rigid gender roles and could even be projecting this onto their wedding guests. But the bride still doesn’t see why her MOH’s gender matters.

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