After Her Deadbeat Boyfriend Moved In With Her He Kicked Her Dog Outside In The Freezing Cold And She’s Asking The Internet If This Is Safe For Her Dog

A woman has a dog that has always slept inside of her house, and her dog has her own bed inside that she sleeps on.

Her boyfriend recently lost the job that he had, and he doesn’t want to get another job right away; he wants to go on a break first.

His parents are pushing him to get another job quickly, so he asked if he could move in with her for several months before he begins looking for another job.

She agreed to let him move in with her, and she figured the relationship she had with her boyfriend wouldn’t change at all after he decided to live with her.

However, she was wrong, and there’s now one major issue in their relationship; her boyfriend thinks she should kick her dog outside to sleep in the freezing cold.

“At first I thought things would be as usual but my boyfriend, after moving in, has been saying the dog has to sleep outside in the garden and he made the dog sleep in the garden though I tend to let her back in when he is asleep when he sees my dog in the morning he gets upset and says it’s not clean for the dog to live indoors,” she explained.

“The problem is that where we are, the temperature reaches -10C during the night and sometimes during the day and we do not have a dog house, I could buy one but in my opinion, it would still be too cold for a dog who is short-haired.”

“Hoping some people here will weigh in who also have dogs and tell me if it’s safe or not for dogs to sleep outside in this weather, my boyfriend says that we domesticated them but before they would have lived outside and been fine so I don’t know if he’s right or not.”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

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