After Her Deadbeat Boyfriend Moved In With Her He Kicked Her Dog Outside In The Freezing Cold And She’s Asking The Internet If This Is Safe For Her Dog

“Let me get this right. The choosy beggar boyfriend who wants to take a break from working is making demands about the dog who was there first?”

“Open your eyes and evaluate what it is that he brings to the relationship because from your description… not so much.”


“If he’s that concerned make the bf sleep outside until they get a job.”


“Yeah, IMO this is a huge difference in moral values and probably an indicator of incompatibility. The difference between someone who believes animals belong outside and people who don’t is pretty solid.”

“I feel bad for OP because if she stays with him, she’s either gotta let this poor dog suffer from exposure or deal with her entitled boyfriend throwing fits about something he already knew was in place before he ASKED to move in.”

“Lose/lose for her.”

“Your dog is not a wild animal and has never had to fend for itself in this weather, do not leave that baby outside.”

“Your boyfriend is an entitled brat and needs to remember that HE moved into YOUR home. Keep in mind that unless he can get over it, this will always be a problem for you.”


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