After Her Friend Passed Away, Her Brother Gave Her A Teddy Bear With Her Friend’s Voice And She’s Asking The Internet If It Was Wrong Of Her To Refuse To Give The Bear To Her Friend’s Girlfriend

A 20-year-old woman lost her best friend James just a week before Christmas. He was on his way home from college when he got into a car accident and sadly passed away.

She came down with COVID and wasn’t able to attend James’s funeral, which was very hard on her, and she spent her Christmas this year alone in her room grieving the loss of her friend.

“My brother decided to get a build-a-bear with a voice recording of James saying, “Happy birthday ugly, I love you”, “Ahh! I’m so proud of you!”, and an off-key rendition of “Big Girls Don’t Cry” by Fergie,” she explained.

“He found the audios from old videos: my 18th birthday, the day I got accepted into my 1st choice college, and a day we did karaoke. The bear was dressed in baseball gear as well (my friend played baseball).”

“I broke down sobbing when I received it. It’s my favorite gift. I couldn’t stop hugging it and listening to the audios.”

“James and I were friends since the second grade, so having the bear meant a lot to me. I showed everyone and posted it on social media.”

James had been dating a girl named Kayla for 4 years before he passed away, and she never was all that close to Kayla.

She’s been friendly towards her, but they just never got to be friends. As soon as Kayla saw the bear that her brother got her with recordings of James’s voice, Kayla sent her a text asking if she could have the bear.

Kayla’s reasoning was that she didn’t have audio recordings of James saying adorable things like the bear did, so she wanted to have it.

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