Her Boyfriend Cut Her Hair And Ruined It, Yet He Still Expects Her To Pay Him For The Botched Hair Cut

A 21-year-old woman has a 23-year-old boyfriend who she’s been dating for 4 months now. Her boyfriend is studying to be a cosmetologist and while he’s going to school, he’s employed as a hairdresser.

Not that long ago, her boyfriend said that he really wanted to cut her hair, and since she hasn’t had a haircut since before the pandemic, she agreed.

At first, she was hesitant, but after her boyfriend said he would cut her hair for half the price that the salon he works at normally charges, she relented.

Her hair was halfway down her back before the cut.

“The next day, I went over to his apartment for the haircut,” she explained. “Before he began, I made it clear that I wanted a shoulder-length cut, and nothing shorter than that.”

“However, he started cutting my hair way shorter than shoulder-length. I asked him to stop, but he continued saying that he knew what he was doing.”

“When he was done, my hair was in an uneven chin-length bob. I was furious, as I had specifically asked him for a shoulder-length cut.”

“He offered to even the bob out, but I refused and stormed out. I went straight to the salon where a friend of mine worked and asked her to fix my hair. She gave me a pixie.”

That’s significantly shorter than what she wanted, and it’s crazy that her friend had to fix the haircut that her boyfriend gave her.

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