Her Boyfriend Secretly Met Up With His Ex While She Was On Vacation With Her Family

A 25-year-old woman has a boyfriend who is also 25, and they all live in the United Kingdom.

Last summer, she went on a family vacation to America for 4 weeks. While she was away, her boyfriend secretly met up with his ex named Wanda.

“He had an on-off relationship with her, and that lasted for far longer than we’ve been together, which is 3 years,” she explained.

“Apparently, they’ve been best friends for that time, but he’s also admitted to having strong feelings for her.”

“But Wanda is Christian, so she always kept him ‘on the hook’ a la How I Met Your Mother style. If I’m honest, he’s always been a backup for her.”

“But they always cuddled, held hands, talked like they were together, etc. But they were never ‘in a relationship’. But he still treasured selfies of them and refused to delete pictures of her in his bed.”

“He claims to not have realized, but he flirted with her through text up until we had been official, and beyond that. Every text makes it seem like he wants her. He’s not even that forthcoming with me.”

She has forever been insecure about how close her boyfriend still is with Wanda, and when she got back from her trip last summer, she flat out asked her boyfriend if he was hiding anything from her.

He instantly owned up to the fact that he secretly met up with Wands while she was on vacation.

Margo Basarab –

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