Her Daughter Passed Away So This Mom Gave Her Christmas And Birthday Presents To Her Daughter’s Best Friend: She’s Asking The Internet If It Was Wrong To Not Give Them To Her Siblings

A mom had a 13-year-old daughter who very sadly passed away several weeks prior to Christmas. Her daughter had brain cancer and was not doing that well.

She knew this most likely would be the final Christmas that their family would get to spend with her, and her final birthday.

Her daughter’s birthday is just a few days after Christmas, and so she and her husband and the rest of their loved ones pulled out all the stops for her daughter’s presents.

“She has a best friend (15) with leukemia,” she explained. “They were in the hospital at the same time a lot over the past few years and became very close very fast.”

“They hung out every day and would play video games together, they learned how to dye hair (both of them wore wigs that are safe to dye), and how to do nail art and elaborate makeup looks.”

The mom of her daughter’s friend used to be a teacher in middle school prior to her own daughter getting sick, so she began teaching her daughter entirely out of the goodness of her heart.

The mom of her daughter’s friend made sure to come to their house or her daughter’s hospital room so she could help her daughter with science, history, math, and English.

Her daughter’s friend had two older sisters, 30 and 20, who also came to their house several times to help her and her husband take a break from things, and they did it all for free.

“She was going to spend Christmas and her birthday in the hospital this year so we had all of her presents in her hospital room,” she said.

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