Her Fiancé Dumped Her, Called Off Their Wedding, And Accused Her Of Being Nothing But A Gold Digger

A 33-year-old woman was engaged up until recently to her 35-year-old fiancé, but out of nowhere, he dumped her, called off their wedding, and accused her of being nothing but a gold digger.

She makes $65,000 a year, and her now ex-fiancé works in tech. He pulls in a salary of $600,000, and on top of that, he’s worth an astounding 7 figures since he invested well in cryptocurrency.

Despite the enormous difference in their salaries, her ex-fiancé has never once made her feel bad about it, and he happily spent his money on her even though she hasn’t asked him for a single thing in their relationship.

It was never her ex-fiancé’s money that she found attractive; it was the fact that he is intelligent and sweet.

photoniko –

She also was convinced he would be the perfect dad when they chose to have children together.

“We were scrolling through FaceBook and we were going through one of my bridesmaids’ pages and he saw a picture of me back when I was in college studying art with my then-boyfriend at the time, who was a tall jock,” she explained.

“He started asking questions like “who’s that guy” and “is that you” “why don’t you have any pictures of you from 10 years ago on your page” and I told him that was my ex and the past is the past and I don’t want to have that part of my life on my FaceBook anymore.”

Her ex-fiancé instantly blew up on her and took issue over never having seen photos of the guys she dated before him.

He began asking her a ton of different questions, and she maintained that her past really wasn’t any of his concern.

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