His Girlfriend Is Severely Autistic And Has The Mind Of A Child So He’s Thinking Of Leaving Her

A 20-year-old man is in a relationship with his 22-year-old girlfriend, and she has very severe autism.

His mom and his girlfriend’s mom have been best friends through their whole life, and so he has known his girlfriend for his entire life.

Ever since was a child, he and his girlfriend have been as thick as thieves, and he loves her so much.

Unfortunately, though, he’s thinking of leaving his girlfriend because she really is so child-like that he doesn’t see how he can be with her long-term.

“…She has the mind of a child,” he explained. “Like she just isn’t there. I lied to myself for years thinking that she just ignores complex stuff but I now know for certain she just can’t grasp it.”

Simple things like filling a car up with gas or using a debit card evade her, and even though he has tried so hard to explain simple things about life like this, she doesn’t really understand at all.

“She is nearly identical to say a 4 or 5 year old who spends 90% of her life watching YouTube on her tablet,” he said.

“Her main interests are Marvel characters, literally like shows aimed at kids of a max age of 5 and these things called Trevor Henderson monsters which if you don’t know what they are give them a Google its pretty strange.”

Additionally, his girlfriend has a hard time speaking and she’s basically impossible for anyone to understand.

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