His Girlfriend Is Severely Autistic And Has The Mind Of A Child So He’s Thinking Of Leaving Her

He also sometimes has a difficult time understanding what his girlfriend says, but that’s not one of the biggest issues in their relationship.

“So basically our time together consists of her talking about the things she likes obsessively like to the point where it’s literally impossible to listen and you have to just nod your head and act interested,” he continued.

“Honestly, I feel more like a carer than her boyfriend that’s just the label everyone has given me.”

He obviously can’t be intimate with his girlfriend at all, though he previously thought that might be a possibility for them especially since his girlfriend’s mom and dad have asked him to try that with her.

His girlfriend cannot handle being physically touched in any way, and she also can’t handle being looked directly at, so it’s hard to have a relationship with her.

He was supposed to go to college last year, but his girlfriend’s entire family pleaded with him to not go.

They even said they would pay him to stay with his girlfriend.

“I dont know what to do I want to experience life I want to be close with people that can understand me and who I can be intimate with. How do I humanely leave her?” he asked.

How would you feel in this situation?

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