His Wife Comes From A Hoarder Family And He’s Really Struggling With Living In This Disgusting Way

Falling in love is a beautiful thing. However, the euphoria we feel, stemming from an adrenaline kick and high levels of dopamine, “blinds” us to some hard truths.

For example, Psychology Today says, “if you do a Google search, you’ll observe how frequently scientists have pointed out that falling in love has neurological effects virtually indistinguishable from cocaine.

I think the illusions of perfection our minds create allow us to forgive negativity in the objects of our affection.

This is what happened when this young couple began their life together. They started dating when they were 21, moved in together at 24, and are now married and expecting a child at 25.

The wife entered the relationship with full disclosure of her past. She came from an impoverished family living in squalor and filth her entire life.

Growing up, no one ever knew how they lived. So she kept it to herself until they met four years ago. Her grandmother and parents are hoarders-the real thing.

We’re talking houses full of garbage and useless crap everywhere. It’s overwhelming.

The apple doesn’t fall from the tree. She brought bad habits of not cleaning and not caring. She’s a slob and only washes clothes and dishes. Her washing isn’t exactly sanitary either, but the husband looked beyond her flaws.

He continued to clean up after his wife until he finally realized he “no longer wanted to live like a slob” and was tired of constantly cleaning up after her.

Andrey Kiselev –

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