She Baked A Vegan Cake, Brought It To Her Friend’s Birthday Party, And Then Her Friend’s Boyfriend Was So Rude To Her She Left: Now She’s Asking The Internet If She Shouldn’t Have Brought The Cake

A 26-year-old woman recently opened up her own vegan bakery and cafe. A bunch of her friends help her run the place, while she does the baking and other tasks in the kitchen.

One of her best friends named Layla wound up being the first customer that she ever had, and shortly after that, Layla chose to go vegan.

“Her boyfriend and I used to be really good friends, but once she started eating vegan, he put all the blame on me,” she explained.

“He will make snide comments about vegan food and has even left the cafe a terrible review.”

Layla had her birthday party a few days ago, and she threw a party. A lot of their mutual friends were invited to the party.

She knows that Layla loves Oreo cheesecake, so she baked a big vegan Oreo cheesecake especially for her birthday party, and she also created a vegan appetizer to bring as well.

“Her boyfriend had cooked most of the meal and when he tried the desert, he looked like he was about to puke,” she said.

“He looks at me and says Eww, this is absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe that you would bring a vegan dessert to the party when most of the guests aren’t vegan.”

“I apologized and quickly wrapped up my dessert and left.”

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